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Our Vision: Memory Media Solutions is laser-focused on delivering meaningful digital memory encounters using a simple, fun and easy to use app that is local, private and secure.

Memories are some of our most precious possessions and our photos, videos, and other recordings represent those memories. Our vision is to deliver powerful tools that makes meaningful engagement with digital memories easy and fun.

Our collections of personal memory-media help us to remember and enable us to share our stories with others. Digital technology has transformed our ability to capture, enjoy and share our memories, but some tools are missing - for instance

what if you could google your memories

It's an interesting idea: index your personal memory-media and find what you want when you want it.

An imitation google search shows memories of a family road trip in 1978

But then what?

★ Well, what if you could "Netflix" your memories?

★ What if you could browse and display your digital memory-media as simply as you browse and play digital music?

★ What if you could share your memories with loved ones and leave your digital photo-memory legacy in an organized and aesthetic way?

★ Our team responded to these questions by conceiving and developing Pinpoint Memory Management System - the first step toward our vision of "Memory 2.0"

A picture of Greg McLean and his daughter, next to a quote that reads, 'At MMS we understand that memories make up the core of every individual. We are devoted to helping people access, enjoy and share their personal memory media.'' - Greg McLean, founder

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Our Mission: Memory Media Solutions' mission is to be the leading provider of a Memory Management System designed for organized, on demand, easily browsed and beautifully displayed memories

This mission begins with the development of Pinpoint Memory Management System, an all-in-one system to organize, browse, share and display your memories.

Pinpoint home screen and feature descriptions

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Our Culture: We care about memories. Our users are our focus when developing innovative, intuitive tools for them to organize, engage and enjoy their memories.

Memory Media Solutions understands that much of the media people capture, enjoy and preserve are more than pictures and videos - they’re memories. Personal memory-media collections tell stories, inspire feelings, brighten our days and shape our legacies.

At Memory Media Solutions, privacy is a key component of our company vision and culture. We are 100% committed to your privacy and will never access, gather or distribute any of your personal information.

Privacy matters
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We Are Designing Memory 2.0:

Whether individual, familial or cultural, human memory relies on media. Memory-media like photos and videos need a system that goes beyond chronological file browsing systems. Memory Media Solutions is evolving the intersections between human memory and media – we are designing Memory 2.0.

Memory is a convergence between biological and sociological systems

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Discover the All-in-One Memory Organizer
Transform your photo collections into a beautifully organized, easily accessible memory library!

Pinpoint Memory Management System is the easy to use application for enjoying, sharing and displaying your photo memories.

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Feel confident that your memory collection is complete, secure and easy to display or share!

Pinpoint is the only all-in-one application with tools specifically designed for organizing, browsing and displaying personal memory-media collections!

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